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Eagle Flight Healing provides light body healing and Shamanic energy medicine including:

Luminous Energy Field & The Illumination Process

Have you heard the word “aura?” It is another word for luminous energy field.

We each are a system of energy called  luminous energy field, connected to Soul and Spirit.  Isn’t it good to know they are not far?


The luminous energy field is an energetic blueprint informing our life, our genetics and cells. Illumination, shamanic energy healing, clears our luminous energy field.

What is illumination?

Illumination of the chakras, shamanic energy medicine, starts to clear our luminous energy field.  At birth our luminous energy field is clear, sparkly, and full of rainbow lights from the clarity of our “chakras.” 

What are chakras?

The chakras are energy vortices connected to our luminous energy field, (LEF). They bring in and give out energy from our luminous energy field.

Our LEF and chakras accumulate sludge and develop imprints as we live life. Imprints are the emotions/events in our lives that were unresolved, shoved down and affect us still from the LEF.

Accumulated sludge and imprints affects our energy level and immune system. Imprints cause us to react automatically, instead of being able to respond from wise and clear choice.

The illumination process clears sludge and removes imprints at the root cause of an event. Those who have had even one illumination reported feeling more present in self, peaceful, having more clarity, and more vitality.

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The Munay Ki

The Munay Ki are the nine rites of initiation, from the ancient Lineage of the Laika.  These energetic seeds are transmitted to the chakras.  They grow as they are fed and help clear the luminous energy field, transforming it to where we become ‘homo luminous’, being of light.

They are given to the world by the shamans of the Andes, those descendants of the Laika, as a gift of healing for humanity and earth; for as humanity heals, earth heals.

They are transmitted in sacred ceremony, remotely or in person. Munay ki means “I love you as you are.”

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What is an Extraction?

Because we are energetic, we take energies into our luminous energy field that are foreign to us.  This is common in childhood when we are very open.  For example, it is easy for a child to take in a parent’s anger, which seems overwhelming to them. Shamans release these energies from our energy field.

When someone is angry with us, they may throw us an anger dart.  Energy, either our own inhibited emotion or someone else’s, can settle in our body and become crystalized, creating pain.  Shamans help track and release crystalized energies releasing pain.

sunset los lobos

Sunset over Los Lobos Lodge, Chile

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7 Chakra Illumination

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Healing the Lessor

The Lessor and the More may be new terms for you. They are unseen parts of us, present within us.

The lessor is the lump sum of our constricted child, teen and young adult self.

They hold the fear, pain, chaos of early years and the anchors we developed to understand early life situations. They whisper to us in self talk; messages of doubt, not good enough, ‘I don’t fit in’ or ‘better/less thans.’

Why are they still present with us as we reach older ages?

They are anchored to us from the past.  They carry the old rule book we felt we needed. Using the metaphor of each of us being a powerful locomotive engine, the lessor is the caboose, trailing at the back. They grow as we do, but less, as they are anchored. They carry a lot for us and are burdened.

The More is the part of us we are becoming and holds much information, the more light and the more love of our greater Self.

In our conscious growth, we are always reaching to become more, to love more, give more, and dream more. It is part of our nature, to know ourselves more.

Healing the Lessor provides an opportunity to listen to and appreciate them. They receive  illumination, releasing the old emotions and anchors to the past.  If ready, they are then integrated into the More of us, lifted to our luminous. If not ready, they return to us in a healed state.

How do we feel after this process?

More present, peaceful, grounded, clear, in well being, and focused.

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Soul Retrieval

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul loss happens when we lose a part of our natural essence in the living of our life. This sounds dramatic doesn’t it?

Have you ever made an agreement with yourself saying something to this effect,

 “He/she said I am worthless…well, I will show them !”,  

Then, later in  life, as an adult you have difficulties making the amount of money you desire? Or, getting the job you want?

In early life, we make ‘contracts’ in response to tough situations we are in. As a result of the contract, we lose a small part of ourselves; a part of our vital essence that cannot express itself due to the nature of the restricting contract.

 What is soul?   It is the substance of who we are.  Soul retrieval is a process for reclaiming our natural essence.

How do we feel after repeated soul loss?   We feel less alive, less vitality and powerless,  unable to attract the desired job, relationship, or life we dream of.

terraced garden

Terraced garden, Los Lobos Lodge, Chile

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What is a Decoupling?

Decoupling is shamanic energy medicine that resets the fight or flight response.  Humans do not have a reset button for fight/flight.  Once fight or flight is turned on, it stays on, we are on alert.

Having a decoupling brings a level of peace and a state of feeling grounded.

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Death Rites

May I talk about death?

 Death Rites…A Blessing

 Why receive death rites? Death rites is sacred shamanic ceremony.  A shaman acts as a link between worlds.

Shamans provide an experience of healing that allows death with grace and forgiveness.

A client has opportunity to review their life. This recapitulation is a wonderful opportunity for being heard and for healing. It helps bring peace.

A 7 chakra illumination cleanses and illuminates all chakras. Many emotions are cleared releasing an emotional load carried in the body and luminous energy field.

We take all of our buried emotions with us and will have to resolve them in our next phase of life, the one where we rejoin our Soul.

Shamans know living life is a death-rebirth experience.  From birth onward, we experience death from one phase of life into another, rebirth.

In some societies, death is seen as a natural and normal initiation into the next  phase of conscious evolution.

Because we regard death as failure, failure to continue life, and feel ripped from the one who leaves us; we do not prepare for it, other then the making  a will and trust fund.

Dying consciously gives opportunity for forgiveness and permission. Family give permission to a loved one to die, as well as having an opportunity to express the love they feel.  Forgiveness is given and received as needed.

A shaman provides release of the luminous energy field guiding it to the gateway of the luminous.  Sealing of the chakras is done either by a priest or the shaman.

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