My experience of my session with Cathy to heal my inner lesser self was powerful and transformative.  Cathy created a safe place for me to allow my lesser self to express itself with all of the poignancy of what is has been through. I found it easy to let Cathy guide me through the process and to allow myself to be vulnerable. Throughout the entire experience, I felt like I was being guided by someone who knew what she was doing and brought heartfelt compassion to the healing process. At the end of the session, I experienced a feeling of healing and transformation that left me feeling more positive and hopeful about the future.  I would recommend Cathy as a healer to anyone who is serious about doing inner work that will allow themselves to become more of who they really are.

Charles H.

Cathy Stubbs is a modern shaman who utilizes her existing metaphysical skills and extensive experience for healing purposes.  She has a wonderful way about her that makes me feel safe to be more vulnerable with my Self. She uses a gentle intuitive process to identify and release pain and past traumas. The process of retrieving pieces of soul that were lost is miraculous and has immediate beneficial effects. Afterwards I feel a renewed sense of energy and peace, and hope and joy for the future are restored. I feel grounded in the present, more connected with all that is, and motivated to take action towards my future. I recommend experiencing Cathy’s shamanic healing at least once. And having received several healing sessions, I can attest to the fact that each experience takes me to a new level of connectedness and wholeness.

Katharina N.

“Cathy is truly a gifted energy healer. She provides a safe environment for healing to thrive. Cathy naturally develops a spiritual partnership with clients that is personalized, practical and framed to self-empower one’s own pace of healing. Moreover, Cathy has mastered training with the Four Winds Society allowing her to seamlessly bridge ancestral  knowledge and practical know-how into powerful, sacred healing sessions. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to experience energetic healing with this talented shaman!”

M. Biondi