Welcome to Eagle Flight Healing LLC

Eagle Flight Healing LLC is owned and operated by Cathy Stubbs, a Shaman, Certified Light Body Healer, RN, and Reiki Master located in Connecticut, United States.

Eagle Flight Healing provides light body healing and Shamanic energy medicine including:

To learn more about how our energy impacts our health and our lives, see my article in Natural Awakenings Magazine:

Conscious Awareness: Raising our Energy Vibration for Positive Reality Creation

What is a Shaman and what do we do?

Learn more in part 2 of my Shamanic Energy Medicine video.

Shamanism is an ancient practice of energy healing which brings wellness, peace and connection to Oneness. A shaman uses energy, light, and nature to bring healing to the luminous energy field, our energetic blueprint. Shamans use sacred ceremony for healing. Shamanic teachings focus on coming into relationship of oneness within self, with nature and to all of creation.  It is through healing the luminous energy field that we experience wellness in our lives, upgrading our physical bodies.

With sand painting, one example of a sacred ceremony, we use energy, breathing, earth, and nature to change a constricted emotion or state of being.  It can also be used as a manifestation tool.

sand painting

Sand Painting: A Sacred Ceremony